Project Updates

TrueBeam Radiotherapy System

Credit: Varian Medical Systems

Project type: Linear accelerator radiotherapy system 

Developer: Varian Medical Systems 

Applications: Stereotactic radiosurgery and precision radiation therapy for tumours 

Development status:Approved in the US, Europe, China and Japan

The TrueBeam, an advanced radiotherapy system by Varian Medical Systems, a medical device company based in the US, was developed to deliver powerful and precise cancer treatments.

Hyperfine’s Swoop Portable MRI System

Credit: Hyperfine

Project type: Portable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device 

Developer: Hyperfine Research 

Applications: General brain imaging, headaches, stroke, muscle weakness and encephalopathy

Development Status: Approved in US, Canada, Australia and Europe

Developed by Hyperfine Research, the Swoop® system is a first-of-its-kind portable, ultra-low-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device for point-of-care settings.

GE HealthCare’s Vscan Air SL

Credit: GE Healthcare

Project type: Ultrasound imaging system 

Developer: GE HealthCare 

Applications: Rapid cardiac and vascular assessments 

Development Status: Approved in the US

The Vscan Air™ SL is a handheld, wireless ultrasound imaging system designed for quick cardiac and vascular examinations at the point of care.