Biocompatible Coatings to

Enhance Your Medical Device

Advancements in medical devices demand innovative materials to enhance the biological acceptance and reduce foreign material complications

BioInteractions’ Biocompatible Coatings 

BioInteractions have developed three unique polymer coatings to help tackle these concerns:


Anti-thrombogenic Coating

Triple-Endothelial Action

Astute functionalises heparin within its polymer backbone, combined with a negative charge and physical repulsion actively prevents a thrombus from forming on the device surface.

Astute® Triple Endothelial Action:

  • Actively negates platelet activation
  • Promotes laminar flow which prevents protein and cellular deposition
  • Non-leaching coating results in long term efficacy throughout lifetime of the coating


Dual Active Contact Kill Mechanism

Antimicrobial Coating

AvertPlus™ reduces device related infections by using a contact kill mechanism paired with a passive process to prevent the adhesion of proteins and aggregation of bacteria.

AvertPlus™ Dual Active Contact Kill Mechanism:

  • Active disruption of cells that results in lysis
  • Broad spectrum activity amongst a variety of microorganisms
  • Non-leaching coating gives long term efficacy throughout lifetime of the coating


Enhanced Lubricious Activity

Hydrophilic Coating

Assist™ minimises the obstacles faced at the device-body interface. The polymer coating provides a highly hydrophilic surface which reduces friction as well as preventing protein binding and platelet deposition.

Assist™ Enhanced Lubricity:

  • Non-leaching, non-cytotoxic and stable coating
  • Simple and cost effective application process
  • Available as UV Cured or Heat Cured

Commitment to Care

Our Commitment to Care, utilises our expertise in the medical device industry which combines our innovative coatings with an optimised application process.

BioInteractions is able to develop and optimise a coating process as well as provide the coating capabilities in our cleanroom facilities for our customers. Our in-depth understanding of the chemical polymer provides us with an exclusive advantage that supports us in developing and optimising a suitable application process for our customers’ devices.

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