Adhesives Research, Inc., founded in 1961 is a leading independent developer and manufacturer of custom pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, specialty films, coatings and laminates. Adhesives Research, Inc., is comprised of two unique businesses.

Adhesives Research (AR) continues to serve the medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, engineered tapes and splicing markets with one of a kind customized products designed and developed for international fortune 1000 companies who are leaders in their markets and who need a critical bonding component with additional functionality so that they may develop a product for specific applications.

The second business, ARx, LLC, is a custom developer and manufacturing partner for drug delivery platforms for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. ARx, LLC specializes in transdermal patch drug delivery systems and drug-containing soluble films, including oral thin films and mucosal thin films for sublingual and buccal drug delivery. Together, AR and ARx, LLC provide custom solutions for the healthcare market.

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