ElectroCraft Medical Motion Control

ElectroCraft develops a wide variety of motion control solutions for demanding medical applications. From mobility solutions such as motorized wheelchairs to sophisticated automated medical equipment such as surgical robots, ElectroCraft can provide a motion solution that is designed for your specific application requirements. We understand that compact size, precision, efficiency, and quiet operation are critical in the medical field, and our high-torque density brushless motors, compact gear motors and precision drives are designed to exceed your expectations. With engineering and manufacturing resources positioned around the globe, ElectroCraft can provide a unique, customized solution to meet your medical application needs.

The following are a few of the key medical applications where ElectroCraft motors empower medical motion control.

Motorized Wheelchairs and Scooters 

Medical mobility equipment requires long life, high torque DC brush or brushless gear motors to achieve the long term performance and reliability that users expect. The ElectroCraft MP, MPP or MPS series gear motors are specifically designed for this demanding market segment. Over 1 million ElectroCraft mobility gear motors are in service worldwide delivering the smooth, controlled power with high starting torque that mobility chairs require.

Fluid Pumps

Fluid delivery systems for medical applications require precise, reliable pump solutions to accurately control volume, pressure and flow. ElectroCraft's RPX and LRPX series brushless DC motors, gearmotors and high-performance motor drives provide the ideal solution for any type of medical pump device, including blood transfusion, peristaltic pumps, infusion pumps, syringe pumps and dialysis machines. Small size, high torque density, precise motor speed control and low noise are just some of the important performance characteristics that an ElectroCraft motion solution provides.

Air pumps and air delivery systems

Air delivery systems for medical applications require precise, reliable pump solutions to accurately control volume, pressure and flow. ElectroCraft's RPX series brushless DC motors and high-performance motor drives are the perfect choice for ventilators and CPAP machines, providing small size, high torque density, precise motor speed control and low noise; the ideal solution for regulated air flow.

Hospital Beds and Patient Transport Systems

Positioning control on hospital beds, exam tables and patient transport systems require the smooth powerful torque of brush DC motors and gearmotors to provide the movement that medical staff require, without sacrificing the comfort that patients expect. ElectroCraft's robust PMDC products are the ideal size and offer the long brush life and quiet operation that is necessary for these sensitive applications.

Advanced Prosthetics

Technological innovation is advancing rapidly in the world of medical prosthetics. Today's capabilities would have been unimaginable even just a few years ago. To achieve the levels of dexterity and sensitivity that is provided by these devices, ElectroCraft offers compact, high-performance motion control solutions, including stepper, brush and brushless DC motors, gearmotors and drives.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging systems such as CT scanners and MRI machines are indispensible tools in today's medical diagnostic environment and the automated motion aspects of the equipment is critical to their functionality. ElectroCraft stepper and brushless DC motor technologies combined with our high-performance drive platforms provide a complete motion control system that delivers the accuracy and reliability this sophisticated equipment requires.

Surgical Robots

The trend toward increased automation in surgical equipment continues. The accuracy and minimal invasiveness of today's surgical equipment has truly revolutionized the modern operating room. Stepper, brush and brushless DC motors, gearmotors, mechanical actuators and drives are all key components in this type of automated equipment. ElectroCraft offers a wide variety of solutions for traction, steering, arm/joint positioning and end of arm tooling control.

Applied Harmonics:

These are just a sampling of the applications that ElectroCraft provides motion control solutions for in the medical market, and only a hint at future innovation. As a custom motor and motion control solution provider, ElectroCraft is the ideal partner for your medical equipment requirements.