walter+bai AG Services

We offer our calibration service of material test installations with or without maintenance of your testing equipment. The maintenance and service work on your material test equipment is executed by our specialists with highest attention. With the experience of 40 years!

Accreditated Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Number SCS 0068

Highly precise computer-aided calibration equipment guarantees a calibration according to the latest standards. Our calibration laboratory is certified according to the latest ISO / IEC 17025 which is recognised through the Multilateral Agreement (MLA) for EA - European Cooperation for Accreditation. Our field service engineers are not only trained to complete maintenance and calibration service on w+b machines, they also can do it on any other testing machines in a timely manner.

We Calibrate Your Test Equipment Independently of Type and Manufacturer.

The maintenance and calibration through one's hands by our specialists with many years of experience assure a reliable execution. Your savings: no extra costs for an additional calibration by a further official calibration institute, since we are an accredited calibration laboratory.
The calibration certificate will prove the verification of your system with ISO 9000 a.s.o standards.

We are your calibration laboratory for:
Force - Tension & Compression        
Length - Displacement & Deformation        
Energy (Impact Tester)

Instruction Manual

For us a reliable support starts with a proper instruction manual for each system.
To each system we deliver a complete user’s manual including information about safety, system installation, machine setup, technical drawings of testing structure, hydraulic and electric drawings with part legend, soft and hardware manuals, maintenance information a.s.o. Due to we give the fully information to our clients and in connection with our experienced telephone support more than 90% of all shut downs can be solved by telephone.

Installation and Warranty

Our Field Service Engineers are available to install and commission your system upon delivery. All new w+b products carry a factory warranty. All our Field Service Engineers are factory trained to complete the installation in a timely manner, to ensure the system operates to specification and to commission the system.

Customer Training

It is essential that our clients can use the full potential of our testing systems. This requires that the system works properly and that system operators are thoroughly trained in its operation.

Safe and Competent Operation

The instruction provided by our engineers at the time of commissioning, enables your personnel to operate a system competently. Continued training ensures that new staff are brought up to speed on installed systems, that existing operators retain their skills and that occasional users retain the skills necessary to operate the system. We offer a wide array of regularly scheduled system training courses at our facilities or at your site.

Hard and Software Support

To make sure your investment lasts as long as possible even if your requirements change, our soft- and hardware engineers or local representatives will provide you advice on how you can benefit from our steady developing in soft and hardware.

Years of Trouble-Free Testing

This will guarantee you that your system maintains peak performance. Through planned service visits for preventative maintenance and calibration any potential system problems are identified and resolved thereby avoiding unnecessary machine downtime

Application Service

We can provide test methods, report templates or graphic presentations precisely to your specification, developed within w+b standard software packages.

Suit Your Specific Testing Needs

Our application experts have many years experience in materials testing applications and will work with your representative to meet your requirements.