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Introducing the Umbifunnel…

An umbilical cord blood collection device – versatile, safe, efficient and user-friendly.

Key Plastics and the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin, the oldest maternity hospital in the world, combined expertise to design and manufacture the Umbifunnel, a truly innovative product that provides enhanced performance, increased safety and more ease-of-use. It is a unique, purpose-designed, cord blood collection device which comprises of a collection funnel and stand.

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Advantages of the Umbifunnel include: 

  1. Safe, fast and efficient
  2. Versatility of the device allows umbilical cord blood to be funnelled into all standard laboratory collection tubes
  3. Suitable for blood grouping, haemoglobinopathy screening, coagulation studies and a variety of diagnostic tests and research studies
  4. Allows hands to be free for cord milking
  5. Eliminates the risk of needle stick injuries by removing the need for needles and syringes
  6. Reduces blood clot formation and the risk of jeopardising sample integrity by eliminating the need for clamps, needles and blood pooling
  7. Minimal training required for use

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Collecting blood from an umbilical cord, post-delivery, is common practice in obstetric and neonatal care. The blood collected is used for screening and diagnostic tests including blood typing, genetic screening, haemoglobinopathy screening and coagulopathy screening, among other functions.

Until now, the two most commonly used methods for collecting this blood have been, to use a needle and syringe, or a draining method. These methods pose risks of needlestick injuries to staff, and of not obtaining the best sample possible.

The Umbifunnel removes the need for needles and syringes and eliminates the risk of needle stick injuries for many tests that occur daily in maternity units worldwide, and reduces the risk of clotting, making sure that these precious blood samples’ integrity is kept intact.

Moreover, the elegant simplicity of the design of the Umbifunnel means that it is easy to use and minimal training is required. Its versatility allows umbilical cord blood to be funnelled into all standard laboratory collection tubes and it allows hands to be free for cord milking.

Umbifunnel Brochure

Umbifunnel Instructions for Use

The Umbifunnel is a versatile device allowing cord blood collection into various anticoagulants and sample container sizes, thus making it suitable for haemoglobinopathy screening, coagulation studies, blood grouping and a variety of diagnostic tests and research studies. These anticoagulant sample containers are the recommended sample type for assays in the laboratory and should eliminate any requirement for repeat samples due to erroneous results. Also, as these tests can be performed directly from the sample tube, any risk associated with sub-sampling is eliminated, thereby enhancing patient safety.”

Deirdre Murphy FACSLM, Chief Medical Scientist at the Rotunda Hospital

“We have worked with Key Plastics for the last number of years as we took the Rotunda Umbifunnel from concept to manufacture. We are delighted to continue to work closely together as we bring this exciting medical device to market”.

Dr. Joanna Griffin, Director of Research and Clinical Innovation at the Rotunda Hospital

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