35 000h lifetime | 20 - 1300 ml/min flow | 150 - 350mbar pressure

Xavitech’s intelligent pumps are ideal for all Medtech pump applications
with high-quality demand such as long lifetime, low pulsations, low noise
and precision control. Our pumps have a broad installed based and is
used in Capnography, Sleep observations, Sleep Apnea, Cell incubators
and more. It has also been tested for NPWT, Portable lungs, Metabolic
measurements (CPET) and Alcohol/Drug samplers.

We have the ability to make custom calibrations on our BLACK edition
pumps. We can set a specific flow or vacuum. With a custom calibration,
you won’t have to use any extra components to get the flow you need.
You can connect to the pump microprocessor via a serial port to adjust
and store new pump settings in the pump memory, or use one of our
accessories to very easily, control and experiment with the flow rate.

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Xavitech - Intelligent pumps